Lifetime Free Restrings

With all guitars purchased (new or  pre-owned) from Righteous Guitars, we will provide restrings for life.  This comes included with our guitars at no additional cost.  We will even provide the strings for you.  It's simple.  Just bring your guitar to us once a quarter for a free restring.  We will make any minor adjustments needed and ensure that everything is as it should be.*

Limited Lifetime Warranty....On Every Guitar

Every USA and European built guitar sold here (new or pre-owned but excluding vintage) at Righteous Guitars is warranted against defects in craftsmanship and materials for life.  This means you have peace of mind on every instrument we carry.  We feel that if we decide to offer an instrument, it is of exceptional quality and we stand behind every one.**

Our Guitars Are PLEK Optimized

Every  guitar $2,000 and over is optimized by our on-site PLEK machine.  As part of the purchase, we offer to optimize your new guitar using PLEK technology.  This ensures perfect playability as well as a  record of your new instrument.  This way we can not only provide you with a fantastic setup but also track your guitar through its life and always get back to square one.  Please note that guitars purchased that have not yet been PLEK optimized have a 90 day window in which you can set an appointment to have the guitar optimized. After 90 days, the free service will be forfeited. For more information on PLEK, CLICK HERE.*** 

Full-Service Repair Shop

From simple maintenance and modifications to full on restoration, we have you covered.  We go the extra mile in servicing your instruments and will ensure that your guitar is playing and sounding its best.  We recommend you have your guitar looked at at least twice a year (at the major season changes).  With a uniform and precise way of approaching guitar setup, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  All of our technicians follow the same steps ensuring consistent results.  We also utilize our on-site PLEK (the only one in Georgia) to ensure extremely precise fretwork and nutwork.  Come in today and experience the Righteous Guitars difference. *Expedited service may be available at an upcharge if you need your repair done quicker. Reach out to us at 678-735-3115 or for more information.



*We recommend you restring your guitar much more frequently for best tone and playability.  Strings provided in most cases are D'addario.  Free Restring Program is for original purchaser only - non-transferable.  If a different string is preferred, just purchase them and we will put them on for you at no charge once a quarter.  "Minor adjustments" are at the discretion of Righteous Guitars and do not include full setups.  Please ask an associate for more details on this program.

**New guitars often have a manufacturer's warranty.  Instruments which have no manufacturer's warranty (due to expiration or being pre-owned) are covered by Righteous Guitar's warranty.  In either case these instruments will be serviced promptly in house when possible.  An instrument is considered vintage at 25 years or older .  Lifetime Warranty Program is for original purchaser only - non-transferable.  The Righteous Guitars Limited Lifetime Warranty does not cover:

  • Any instrument that has been damaged due to an accident, negligence or misuse.

  • Normal "wear and tear", including but not limited to any discoloration, fading or damage to the original finish, or worn frets, strings, tuners, hardware and plating.

  • Shipping damage of any kind.

  • Any subjective issues such as "tone".

  • Any instrument that has been subjected to extremes of humidity and temperature.

  • Vintage instruments

  • Imported instruments (with the exception of European instruments)

Any other issues will be serviced at the discretion of Righteous Guitars on a case by case basis.

***While we offer the PLEK service on all guitars purchased from Righteous Guitars that are $2,000 and over, we are not always able to PLEK your instrument while you wait.  In these cases we will give you a rain-check to come in at a later date to have the service.  All qualifying guitars purchased online or over the phone will be PLEK'd before shipping.


Authorized Warranty Service Repairs

We offer authorized warranty repair on many popular brands regardless of what dealer they were purchased from.  Currently we offer warranty service on Taylor, Charvel, Fender, EVH, Squier, Gretsch, Jackson, and several  others.  You can rest assured that we have taken the time to ensure proper attention is given to each and every instrument we repair and that we will use the guidelines set in place by the specific manufacturer.  Please refer to your manufacturer to check the requirements for warranty work.