Here at Righteous Guitars we strive for an excellent experience when looking for your perfect instrument.  Whether you are looking for an acoustic that speaks to your soul, an electric that truly inspires, or an amplifier to get the perfect tone for your unique voice, we are here to ensure that you have the guidance and selection to make your dream a reality.  Come visit us today and experience the Righteous difference.



Alan R.

What an absolutely great store! It's like guitar heaven. Being surrounded by walls and walls of some of the most beautiful guitars you've ever seen was just mind altering. Thank you to Brian, Jeff and Ben for your time, patience and bringing such an amazing guitar collection to town. Do yourself a favor guitar freaks, check this place out.


Stephen T.

Awesome selection of guitars & amps. Impeccable service and attention to detail!


Dominick T.

Just wanna take a minute and thank Ben and Brian for the best experience I've ever had buying a guitar.. You guys have set the bar high for all the other shops out there. You guys are a 1st class operation.. Thank you for everything you guys did for me today. You guys will be my 1st choice from now on. Look forward to doing business with you again in the near future..


Chase P.

Had an awesome experience at Righteous Guitars, Ben and Jeff are super passionate and knowledgable about all of the high end gear they carry. Fantastic top quality guitar shop.


Bill L.

When was the last time a guitar store called to make sure your guitar doesn't sit outside after they got a "delivered" notice from the carrier? They also wanted to make sure I was happy with my purchase. Nice


Thien D.

Stopped by to check out the shop. Wow. The amount of nice guitars is unbelievable. 10/10 would shop.


Mike F.

Took advantage of the buy some strings, get a set up deal they had. My guitar now plays and sounds fantastic...not to mention, they have the best gear around. Good service. Definitely will be repeat customer. These guys know what they're doing and truly have a passion for their cause...


Al M.

What an amazing experience..It is like walking into an amazing Candy Store with all the best candies at arms length..Staff are so helpful, instruments are heavenly amps are beyond cool....I never want to leave....


Nick A.

What a beautiful space full of truly beautiful instruments! First step in the door you are greeted by a wall full of amazing guitars, and a unique set up that feels comfortable yet poised. Followed by a greeting by the passionate and friendly staff, I would like to thank Jeff and Ben for making my trip in memorable. Most definitely worth a visit and a purchase of one of the exquisitely maintained guitars. Not enough praise can be had for Righteous Guitars. Do yourself a favor and stop in.


Kayden R.

In one word? "WOW"! Righteous Location... Righteous Selection... Righteous Staff, and Righteous Attitude! These guys have a passion for guitars and it's evident the moment you cross their threshold into the show room full of CANDY!( huge selection of guitars, amps and cabinets) With sound proof playing rooms where you can crank out your licks you won't find any John Doe's scratching out "stairway to heaven" in the showroom while you lust over the what seam to be end rows of beautiful instruments hung on hand milled wood walls. The only complete collection of P.R.S. guitars from 1985 to current is just one of the many awe inspiring attractions in this store. Do you suffer from G.A.S. like me? (guitar acquisition syndrome) Then this place need to be on your love to shop here list! Go see Ben & The Righteous Bunch and say "bring me ten!"


Britt C.

This is the place to go! The selection is unbelievable - over 800 guitars! The service is exceptional as well. This is a real winner. I bought a guitar from them. So, this review is from a real customer.


Mike F.

This is the finest music store I have ever seen in my 32 years of playing guitar - bar none. Like others, the first time I stepped into Righteous Guitars I was dumbstruck by the quantity and quality of fine guitars displayed on the walls. Righteous has more PRS guitars than I have ever seen displayed. Once you get past the PRS stuff, the real depth of the collection begins to show itself. Righteous seems to specializes in carrying high quality brands that can't be found in most other music stores. Brands like Suhr, Dusenberg, Fibenari, Novo as well as a healthy collection of Gibson and Fenders are all there for you to check out.

Jeff Gans at Righteous has done 3 setups for me of the highest quality. I've been paying for setups at the major guitar chain here in ATL and never been satisfied with the work. Jeff's work is at a much higher level and very much worth the expense.

I was never a boutique guitar guy until I met these folks. I always felt you could get great quality for just a few hundred bucks . But after spending time in Righteous talking with Jeff and Ben and even listening to Paul Reed Smith speak at an event at Righteous, I learned valuable things to look for in guitars - things like their natural, unplugged resonance or how different finishes will affect the resonance and sustain of the guitar. There are so many great guitars to try in Righteous, that I encourage you to stop by and visit this shop. I bought my first PRS last year from Righteous and I'm blown away every day by how great the guitar plays.

Ben and Jeff are two of the nicest, most knowledgable and patient guys I've ever met. They are always super nice to me and my daughters when we stop by the shop. We are HUGE FANS of Righteous Guitars.


Peter T.

I stumbled into this place thinking it was another run-of-the-mill guitar shop where I could unload some used gear. I was immediately brought back from my fantasy after stepping through the front door. The sight was apply breathtaking. The guitar selection is unmatched in quantity, quality and variety.

While I was saddened to learn that my guitars were not nearly as valuable as I thought, I left the store having learned a thing or two. Not only were Ben and Jeff insanely knowledgeable, they were both unnecessarily patient with me.

Less than a minute after leaving, I had already started considering the resale value of random items in my home. I will definitely be back, and that Furch will be mine!


Michael M.

If you ever want a fun place to go look at guitars or amps this is the place to go. There aren't many stores that sell high quality guitars but this is one of those stores. I was in the market for a new electric guitar. I looked at a few different guitar stores but none of them seemed to have the quality that I was searching for. At this store I was able to play a wide variety of guitars. They have a sound isolation room in which you can use an amp and your pedal board with the guitar of your choice. I, however, didn't have my pedal board with me at the time but one of the employees had his and offered to let me use his with the guitars.  I ended up buying a Duesenberg Starplayer TV Custom. They polished it, changed the strings, and put the strap locks that I had on it for me. They then walked me out to my car and put the guitar in the car for me.  The guys were extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The place was very clean an organized. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in search for a guitar or amp. You will not be disappointed.


Byron A.

How did I just learn about this place?  Amazing inventory, friendly knowledgable staff and best selection of PRS guitars I have ever seen in person. Not to mention the amazing amp line up. This place is a hidden gem that we are lucky to have on the Atlanta metro. I went in looking for a specific tone and Ben got it right immediately with a boutique amp combo that blew me away. It's not cheap, but the quality of the products are absolutely worth the money.  These guys are straight up honest and easy to work with. I'll definitely be back when my wallet recovers. Keep up the great work!


Michelle W.

Like Guitar Center without the noise.  High end, stellar selection of guitars and amplifiers.   Nice and informative staff.  I haven't seen this much money hanging on a wall since I visited the Louvre.


Rhett Shull

Great selection of high end instruments and boutique amps. The staff is knowledgeable and are experienced players that know tone. I bought a Divided By 13 from them last year, and couldn't have had a better buying experience. I highly recommend this place.







Jared Koenig

In life, first impressions are everything. The first impression Righteous Guitars gives is breath taking. All of the guitars you've wished you could experience all in a single space with fantastic amplification to support them. Amp rooms ensure that you can fully experience the guitars and amplifiers while other people enjoy the showroom. The staff was friendly and supportive. Their enthusiasm stems from a clear passion conveying they love what they do. Every guitar I played was tuned before I played it and cleaned after I played. Words can't quite describe the experience, so my honest suggestion is experiencing it for yourself.


Robbie Cantrell

"Brian and Ben at Righteous Guitars have got it going on ... They're real experts with the BEST selection of high-end, no excuse vintage and new guitars and amps that I have seen in a long time....Plus, Super Nice Guys!!!


Blake Tallent

"I'm a part of a new band that just moved to Atlanta four months ago.  Spending your time looking for quality shops can often be a headache or an incredible experience where you discover something that edifies your sound.  Ben is one of the dudes who has relentlessly made this happen for me and my band mates.  He cares for every musician who walks into an appointment.  Whether you are Zac Brown or literally no one like myself, he goes the extra mile to give musicians the opportunity to have an incredible tool for their art.

In other words... Righteous Guitars is like that girl you meet somewhere and somehow end up marrying.  Thankful that the best shop in the Southeast is only a short drive away."



Frank Lisco

"The guitar shop to which all shall be compared!!  Amazing selection of high end guitars and amps.  And, most of all, they're super nice guys who truly want to help you find the instrument of your dreams."


Wes Garrett

"I went in today to buy a set of guitar strings and was amazed at the selection of guitars and the knowledge that I left with.  Ben is an awesome guy and extremely welcoming.  I can't wait to see how this shop does once they open their main showroom!"


JJ Boogie

"Thanks again Ben for going above and beyond helping find the right guitar for me yesterday.  The kind of service I experienced is light years above what i've had at any other major music store.  You really know how to take care of professionals' needs.  I know where I'll be shopping again in the future."



Brad Jeter

"This is guitar heaven!  They have an amazingly deep selection of drool-worthy guitars and amps.  I recently purchased a /13 BTR23 from Ben and Brian and couldn't be happier!  This is THE store that is bringing an elevated guitar experience to Atlanta.  you WILL be impressed!"  


Marty Manous

"This is the ultimate guitar store for professionals, collectors, and hobbyist alike.  Very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional staff.  This is a place you can bring a non-musician to and they will have fun!  I will be a regular customer." 


Mark Blasko


 Luke James Michielsen

"This shop carries the best selection of acoustic guitars under one roof that I have seen in a long time!  Ben is a true expert!"


Wendell Shelton

"From what i can see on here, I'm seriously impressed with the selection of guitars and amplifiers yall have.  Only the highest quality is not an exaggeration.  I definitely need to come by whenever I come down to visit Bethany in August or September."


Matt Bell

"An unreal selection of the absolute best guitars, combined with fantastic, friendly, hyper-personalized service!  Could not recommend enough."


Shelley Howerton

"I just bought a PRS today from Ben for my 40th birthday.  basically my dream guitar.  It was a really cool experience.  I told Ben what I was interested in looking at and he got me set up with a whole wall of guitars to try.  What a collection!  Lots of super high quality instruments and amps.  Ben knows everything about guitars and I felt like he was there to help me find the perfect match for me.  I'll be back for sure.  Can't wait to see the finished store.  Thanks again Ben."


Serge Larouche

"What an amazing collection Ben has!  I did not buy yet but i will do so in the future for sure.  He has responded to all my questions regarding buying a Les Paul.  ben is very knowledgeable."


Bryce Wieland



Donald Dunlavey


Stuart Mones


Joe Mathis


Dominic Valenti


Michael Kratchmer

"Unreal collection of amazing guitars!  Can't wait to put my hands on some of those!"

Steve Hornibrook


Jason D Boyles


Ivan Yavtushenko