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We also offer a full service repair shop! From retrings to setups to full refrets, we offer it all here in house. We are very particular about our guitar work with a focus on consistency and results. We have a standard that is perfect for almost everyone, but we can cater to specific needs as well and keep notes on all the measurements so once we figure out your specific needs, we can reproduce them time and time again. We also offer an appointment system that can allow you to keep your instrument until we are able to work on it for very fast turnaround. In regards to customization we can design custom electronics for you, upgrade parts on your instruments, and provide custom laser engraving as well as much more. Let us know what you would like to do and we will check it out! All work is done in house and on site and we offer warranty repair for many vendors.

Sign up to reserve your spot in line to get your guitar Plek'd.  There is a lot of excitement about having a Plek in Georgia and we are pleased to offer this service locally.   For more information, click here!

Whatever your playing abilities, if you are serious about your playing it is worth asking yourself the question:
Is my instrument as good as it could be?

And if the answer to that question is not a resounding “yes”, then we might be able to help.

*Appointments require drop of of instrument no later than 11am on the day of the appointment to ensure work will be completed on schedule. If the instrument is not checked in by 11am on the day of the appointment, the $35 deposit will be forfeit. If you need same-day service, expedited services are often available for an additional charge. REFRETS are not eligible for expedited appointments and turn around time varies. Please contact us for more information.