Is your guitar playing its best?

Is your guitar playing its best?

Have you ever picked up your favorite guitar only to have it feel a little off?  Tuned over and over only to discover that when you play chords up the neck it just sounds out?  Maybe buzzing that wasn't there before?  Or maybe you have thought that your guitar just wasn't that great even though you felt it was amazing when you spent your hard earned money on it.

There are so many musicians that encounter these problems and don't recognize that the issue is simply in the setup of the instrument.  Guitars are not static.  Being made from organic materials (in most cases) guitars can change with weather, humidity, and just generally the environment they are in. Countless times I have seen a guitarist ready to sell their guitar because they no longer felt like it was good (or good enough).  In most cases this can be the result of a poor setup.

Most people believe a proper setup should be performed at least twice a year.  It really depends on the guitar.  A proper setup involves addressing the above mentioned issues and making the instrument play its absolute best. You know when you play it.  It just seems right.  Every note rings out.  Playability is fantastic. Chords sound "piano" like.  All of a sudden, you remember why you invested in it. 

You fall in love all over again.


Ben Calhoun