Pre-Owned Royal Overdrive

Pre-Owned Royal Overdrive


This is THE Pedal that stunned us and a certain "Alien" Guitar Hero friend of ours... we have never heard anything this good before and we are excited to be the Exclusive USA Distributor and Dealer for the Van Weelden Royal Overdrive Pedal.

Just making a lot of distortion isn’t really that hard, but it’s a completely different story if you want to have a musically rich harmonic distortion where you can hear every string when playing chords with lots of sustain and also preserve the specific characteristics of the type of guitar you are playing.

The Royal Overdrive has become a well balanced, very dynamic, powerful and professional solid state overdrive pedal. The tube like sound and especially the “elastic” tube sound where the notes seem to explode of your pick is probably something you never heard and felt from a pedal before in your life!

It takes close to 400 hi-quality parts to build a Royal Overdrive, which is almost 25 times as much as some of the popular vintage units had! The Royal Overdrive has a completely internally isolated and flexible wide range DC input power circuit for absolute quiet performance. This was an expensive but necessary move Van Weelden had to make and it will allow you to use all types of 9VDC to 18VDC adapters, even a modern switching power supply, without having any hi frequency switching noise and most of all, no ground loops because of the power supply! The Royal Overdrive also has a very hi quality PC board for the best audio performance and circuit stability. The Royal Overdrive is the most “amp friendly” pedal in the world and can be used on any amp including solid state amps. Try the Royal Overdrive in front of one and you will be amazed how tube like your whole setup will sound!

The Royal Overdrive has outstanding hi headroom dynamics and a super tight, powerful low-end crunch. Together with the wide frequency range, the excellent pick attack and articulation, the Royal Overdrive is an absolute must have for the professional and amateur guitarist who is serious about his or her tone! The unique 6 position preset bright circuit will help you to match your Royal Overdrive with any guitar amp. The Royal Overdrive sounds superb both in clean and crunch mode. You will never have to make a compromise on your clean sound because the pedal and amp combination can act as a real 2 channel setup. The Royal overdrive has a full frequency hi headroom buffered bypass mode and is designed for use in live situations as well as at bedroom levels. It can be used for any style of music.

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