BR1200 Overdrive

BR1200 Overdrive


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The BR 1200 is a pedal that captures the essence of a somewhat obscure but much loved amp, the Bedrock Model 1200.

A straight forward amp in design, it offered some innovations that set it apart from at the time. Articulate and smooth at lower gain settings and somewhat of a beast at higher gain setting with the Pull Shift engaged, the Model 1200 received critical acclaim and was seen on stage with many noteworthy players.

The BR 1200 pedal shares those same qualities and more. At lower gain settings, it can function as a very colorful boost. Increase the gain a little, and you easily dial in beautiful edge-of-breakup tones. With these settings, those elusive, Texas inspired single-coil neck pickup tones burst forth.
Flip the Shift toggle-switch and the pedal takes on a girth through the midrange that is just right for bigger lead tones that will fatten up a single-coil or unleash a humbucker. 

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