Fuzz Phraze Germanium Fuzz

Fuzz Phraze Germanium Fuzz


Vintage-sounding germanium Fuzz pedal, a legendary sound that helped shape a generation !

There are many variables that determine the quality, sound and “clean-ability” of a Germanium Fuzz pedal. We feel transistor choice is crucial, therefore we tracked down and managed to stock a limited supply of the best – and extremely rare – germanium transistors ever made : the CV7003, military-spec OC44 germanium transistors.


So here’s a DISCLAIMER!: the Fuzz Phrase as is, will be available for as long as our limited CV7003 supply lasts!

The few and far between CV7003, is extremely consistent as well as heat-resistant, much more than the AC128 and NKT275 transistors are, making our Fuzz Phrase stand out from its competition. It’s consistency is also the reason why there is no need for an external bias pot. You are likely never to have to adjust the bias on your pedal !

Each individual transistor is measured for gain and leakage and then hand picked and matched through sound audition.

Along with the use of carbon comp resistors, the result is pure vintage fuzz goodness  !

Just mess around with the guitar volume to find the sweet spots, from clean, to rude, to devastating!


“The Fuzz Phrase has been with me on the road since I got it and I use it every night. It always sounds fantastic and is the epitome of what a fuzz should sound like. So many fuzz pedals don’t seem to give you a tangible boost. You hit them and the sound just seems impossible to tame. The Fuzz Phrase is a no brainer. You hit it and it boosts your signal with a glorious fuzz onslaught !”  Greg Koch

“One of my favourite sounding fuzz pedals”  Gilmourish.com – score: 10/10

“I love the unique warmth and complex harmonics of the Fuzz Phrase. It makes even a small combo amp sound huge ! I compared it to my other fuzzes and it is by far the best sounding germanium fuzz in my house so it is going on my pedal board immediately.Julien Kasper

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