Delay Llama + Analog Delay

Delay Llama + Analog Delay


The Delay Llama series is firstly designed with one thing in mind: Tape-Echo !

A fully analog, true-bypass, lo-fi delay pedal with a maximum delay time of 600ms. It features BBD analog chips, faithful reproductions of the Panasonic MN3205.
Give your repeats a great vintage analog tone !
The Delay Llama+ is also featuring a blue rectangular internal trimmer, to help you adjust the amount of maximum repeats.

With the use of the extra HOLD switch and expression pedal, you can turn the Delay Llama into a psychedelic sound generator !

HOLD foot-switch: While holding the switch down, your repeats turn into an infinite oscillation loop ! Take your foot off the switch and the number of the repeats is right back to where the repeats-knob is set at.

Expression pedal input: Plugging our expression pedal in (EXP2), you can adjust the Delay Time. Unfortunately not any expression pedal can be used.
The EXP2 Expression Pedal is sold separately for 35€ / $35

The Delay Llama+ can also be used with bass guitars.

Artists quotes :

“The Delay Llama+ is just great! So cool to actually have a “real” analog delay where it does some more unexpected, out of control things…This is cool !” Bill Frisell

“You’ve created a very special line of products here having only sampled a few of them I can say they are made with integrity and deliver the full sonic spectrum. The Delay Llama+ with it’s infinite hold gives you just that, limitless possibilities and when paired with the the expression pedal you can really create some atmospheric sonics. Keep doing what you are doing! Daniel Lanois.

“The quality of the delays in Delay Llama+ are beatiful and warm !” John Abercrombie

Delay Llama+ just sounds incredible ! It’s probably the best sounding delay pedal, I’ve ever used. The HOLD switch is really cool ! ” Kenny Wayne Shepherd

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