Boomster Boost

Boomster Boost


A transparent silicon Booster pedal.

The Boomster will cleanly boost your signal and give you a huge tone ! It can be used to fatten up your existing sound or boost you up for solos.

You can adjust the gain of the pedal with an internal trimmer.

The higher the trimmer is set, the more output and gain you get. To get the cleanest possible sound, you set the trimmer all the way to the right (default setting).

The Boomster can also be used with bass and acoustic guitars !


“The Boomster is a very simple pedal (one knob only), but it sounds really good and do its job in a way I like !” Eivind Aarset

“As someone who likes a simple pedal that does one thing great instead of a dozen things poorly, I love the Boomster. One knob and one knob only! This pedal works great to beef up my signal with a very clean and full-sounding boost. Lately I’m finding it especially effective with my acoustic guitars, but it’s equally great when I’m rocking electric and want more gain without adding a layer of fuzz. Boomster makes my sound loud and clear ! ” Lee Ranaldo

Boomster is a great sounding clean boost, alone or in combination.  What more do you need ?”  Nir Felder

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