Black Muck Limited Fuzz

Black Muck Limited Fuzz


The Black Mucks are featuring an NOS batch of early 60’s silicon transistors we came across through our never-ending quest for NOS jewels !

We cannot tell you with certainty exactly what they are, cause as much as we researched them, we couldn’t find sufficient documentation. Based on where our source is located and what we know that they bought back in the day, it is likely that these are grown-junction devices made by either Transitron, General Instrument or both in the early 1960s and the are similar to the 2N335/2N336.

What we can tell you for sure is they sound incredibly unique and made the Black Muck a necessity !

The Black Muck is open and harmonically rich and compared to the Red Muck it is more aggressive, looser with Fuzzier tendencies.

The result is there waiting for you to unleash its sonic possibilities ! Get them while they last !

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