Premier Concert (Sitka/Mahogany) #B-024 Serial: 17659

Premier Concert (Sitka/Mahogany) #B-024 Serial: 17659



Innovation in our designs and craftsmanship are key to Breedlove’s Distinctively Crafted Sound, and with the Premier Series, we take Breedlove innovation to the traditional, time-tested sound of rosewood and mahogany, the go-to woods for bass and midrange response. We offer Premier instruments in every Breedlove body style: Auditorium, Concert, Dreadnought, Jumbo, and Parlor, along with a 12-string model that simply sings. Whether you prefer the rich low end of a rosewood body or the midrange cut of mahogany, our salvaged Sitka spruce tops add plenty of balance and projection across the tonal spectrum. Breedloves' unique body designs, asymmetrical headstocks, pinless bridges, and signature Breedlove Bridge Truss System take the best of these traditional tonewoods and makes them unmistakably Breedlove.

This is a loud little guitar that is just plain fun to play!  The mahogany back and sides with a Sitka top give a great balance and surprising volume.  This guitar is a perfect all around player.

Serial - 17659

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