Masterclass Auditorium (Sitka/Brazilian) (B-004) Serial: 19770

Masterclass Auditorium (Sitka/Brazilian) (B-004) Serial: 19770



The Masterclass Series represents our finest individually custom crafted guitars. We have approached each body shape with the opportunity to build the finest playing, feeling, sounding, and looking instruments possible, without regard to expense or time. You will love your Masterclass for its artful design and finish, for its aliveness while you play it, and for its sound. Unlike any other instrument in your collection, you will experience exotic tonewoods including ziricote, koa, striped ebony, highly figured bigleaf maple, myrtlewood, and stunning walnut back and sides. Hand selected and graduated tops are matched from Adirondack spruce, Bearclaw Sitka spruce and 5A Sitka tops. Breedlove's most experienced craftsmen hand craft every step in the creation of Breedlove Masterclass guitars to give you an instrument you will cherish for your lifetime and look forward to passing on to your next generation of musicians.

This instrument has truly amazing tone with awesome feel and sleek, modern looks.  The sounds is even and solid with a slight emphasis in the low end and upper midrange register.  It begs to be played and does not disappoint with its rich and lovely voice.

Serial - 19770

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