Boutique: The path less traveled 

With today’s options in regards to smaller, boutique builders, it is a fantastic time to explore the unknown and discover that sometimes wandering off the beaten path is just what you need! We have been amazed by the quality and originality of these builders. From innovative takes on a classic design to creations of otherworldy origin, there is something for everyone!

Many of these builders started with a more traditional company and branched out on their own. Others developed and honed their craft over time with trial and error. Each and every one of them has created works of playable art.

Below is a sample of some of the fine guitars currently in stock and ready to go. Go to the drop down electric menu to browse our full selection of each brand…..and remember, we are constantly designing new guitars and would love to help you develop your dream instrument!


Teye Guitars are mostly built in Nashville, TN although the companies history and namesake come from a land far away. Teye has an enigmatic background as a flamenco player and was very interested in the way different materials impact the tone of electric guitars. This combined with his fascination with the impact of a hard faceplate/scratchplate has on a flamenco guitar led him to his use of engraved metal plates on the front of Teye guitars. Teye lives in Spain and designs all the electronics, models, sound, and art himself. He has a dedicated crew that manufactures these guitars for him here in the USA. These guitars have a unique look, loads of cool tones, and a bespoke quality that demands attention.


Iconic Guitars

Iconic Guitars was founded by Kevin Proctor in 2012. It had been in incubation and planning for quite some time prior to the official launch. In a beautiful marriage of classic meets modern design, Iconic Guitars are gorgeously built with an assortment of fully custom finishes and stunning woods with high quality hardware and pickups. Kevin is the owner, chief builder and finisher, head of design, and all around shop lackey for Iconic Guitars. Kevin brings his unique experience as an electrician with an background in engineering management plus extensive manufacturing experience to the forefront to create the most amazing playing and sounding guitars available. Kevin has also assembled a team of people with amazing individual skills that, when combined, equal a team of unparalleled talent, experience and know-how.


LSL Guitars was founded in 2008 by Lance S. Lerman and his wife, Lise S. Lerman. After playing Fender guitars for years, Lance decided it was time for a “real guitar”. Out of this the T Bone was born. With the input of some trusted players, he began to develop the line and continue building vintage inspired instruments. Over time he added more models to the lineup and the end result is a fantastic spread of instruments from historic recreations to modern shredders and everything in between. LSL manufactures thier own pickups and hand builds each guitar for a truly custom instrument.



Fibenare guitars originate in Budapest, Hungary and are built by the Benedek brothers. The Benedek Family is a family of musicians. All family members have studied classical music for several years in their hometown Kecskemét, a well-known town all over the world thanks to its tradition of musical education and Zoltán KODÁLY (more than in 50 countries use his method of musical education). As the brothers (Attila, Csaba, and Arpad) grew older they were increasingly interested in rock, blues and jazz music, and electric guitars. But these musical instruments were very expensive at that time, and good ones were almost impossible to find (in Hungary you could not get any Gibson or Fender guitars because of the iron curtain). This is why their father József Benedek urged them to start making our own guitars. Now as a small boutique shop these masters build amazing guitars for the rest of us to enjoy!


Few names are as recognizable as John Suhr in the botique guitar world. John started building guitars in 1974 with Rudy Pensa for artists such as Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits. He also worked with legendary designer Bob Bradshaw to develop the CAE 100 amplifier used by many prolific guitars such as Steve Lukather. He went on to be a Senior Master Builder at Fender Custom Shop before starting J.S. Technologies (aka Suhr). These guitars are mostly classic in design but with many modern features including a silent single coil system, compound radius, and stainless steel frets to name a few. Just look at the massive roster of artist from Mateus Asato to Scott Henderson to get an idea of how highly regarded these instruments are.



Another name that has had overwhelming success in the world of boutique guitars is Dennis Fano. Dennis has a long history of building some amazing instruments that are definitely off the beaten path. In 2001, Dennis pursued building his custom guitars under the Fano name. These guitars have been heralded as some of the finest instruments out there in the boutique land and have quite a following. In 2015, Dennis left his namesake and started Novo guitars. This is a natural evolution with original body designs, interesting choices of wood, and overall just amazing one-of-a-kind instruments. Tempered pine makes the majority of the bodies and tempered maple is the choice for necks. These guitars are lightweight and resonant and have a massive following of monster players already.

Elliott Guitars

Andy Elliott’s instruments are nearly mythical at this point with long build times and a huge following. Getting to actually play one before you buy it is a rarity and, in fact, it is uncommon to even find one in a music store due to the overwhelming demand. There instruments are build one at a time to very strict quality guidelines and feature in-house pickups, custom appointments, and some very different approaches in regards to fret work and fit and finish. With an on-site PLEK machine, Andy insures that his guitars are as perfect as he can make them. These are traditional looking guitars in many cases, but the build is anything but that. He has addressed many common issues with the original designs and created something new for the discerning player.

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