Pre-Order Dirty Sink 1x12 (on Order now) 3P-A154

Pre-Order Dirty Sink 1x12 (on Order now) 3P-A154



Raw or Plush Plexi Tones Fly from the DIRTY SINK 112 Combo!

Plugging into a Plexi cranked to “10” and hitting a chord is like kicking down a door and nothing but splintered wood remains. That kind of tone an energy fueled guitar heroes like Hendrix, Page, Angus, Halen and Slash and we’ve been hooked ever since. The Dirty Sink is designed for that huge Plexi tone and energy but delivers it in a perfectly sized grab-n-go 112 combo (about the size of a *Princeton). As artists sought to better replicate their recorded tones, studio effects devices become integrated into their live rig. One way this was done was via “slaving” one amp into another with an FX processor inserted into the path. The DIRTY SINK makes easy work of accomplishing the same thing by way of our all tube Class-A pedal friendly FX loop. And of course, our award-winning Hybrid-Master volume circuitry is on board so you can have the ultimate Plexi tones at any volume that’s right for the room – even if that’s in the home when more than a whisper might get you in trouble!

• Rich Plexi Tones (vintage clean to scorching mean)
• Grab-n-Go (about the size and weight of a *Princeton)
• Hassle free, All Tube Class-A Pedal Friendly FX Loop
• Loop Patch Points Located on the Front Panel
• Hand-built PTP on Turret Boards in Nashville, TN
• Patented Hybrid-MASTER Volume Control
• Custom American-made Transformers
• American-made 12′′ WGS Green Beret Speaker
• 2 x JJ 6V6S power tubes, up to 28W

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