Dream 1x12 Custom (Slate/Black Cane) (3P-A077)

Dream 1x12 Custom (Slate/Black Cane) (3P-A077)


Righteous Guitars was formed in 2015 to: set a new standard for Quantity and Quality of Inventory, Customer Service, and to provide the Ultimate Customer Experience in the non-beginner Guitar business. We are not part of a chain. We are a one-owner store and the owner is on-site almost every day. We are fortunate to have assembled an excellent staff and the team chemistry is outstanding. We do not sell guitars on consignment. We currently have over 800 store-owned guitars in-stock ranging in price from $1,200 to $40,000. We are truly passionate about our customers’ experience and our relationship with them. Righteous Guitars is a top-ten PRS Dealer, a PRS Signature Dealer, a Gibson Custom Super Dealer, and a top-tier dealer for many other brands. Thank you for considering Righteous Guitars. 


3rd Power’s DREAM SERIES speaker cabinets are sonically and visually refined. They deliver a full-bodied frequency response that is well defined and in control throughout the frequency spectrum of your guitar tone. With its patented design, the DREAM SERIES 112 is the perfect choice when you want your sound to translate in the mix with authority.


• Patented – Two internal Tri-cab™ speaker chambers eliminate standing waves
• 8-ohm Mono or 16-ohm Stereo operation
• 5/8″ baltic birch enclosure construction
• Closed-back on one chamber, open-back on the other
• Horizontal & Vertical Orientation Available

It is our belief that the right instrument can be truly inspirational.  If you have ever experienced the bond that can occur with the right guitar, you understand what we are all about.  We pride ourselves in having the finest instruments around and treat each one with the realization that it is someone's dream guitar.


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