British Dream Custom (Brown Leather) (3P-A067)

British Dream Custom (Brown Leather) (3P-A067)


• CH.1 Vox Voiced with 4 modes and countour switch
• CH. 2 ’68 Plexi “super lead” w/ Gain Switch
• Patented HybridMASTER™ volume management
• Tube Buffered, Pedal Optimized Series FX Loop
• Presence control
• Switchable Tube & Solid-State Rectifier Modes
• Illuminating backlit logo
• 2 x EL34 power tubes, up to 50W
• 16, 8 and 4 ohm speaker outputs

It is our belief that the right instrument can be truly inspirational.  If you have ever experienced the bond that can occur with the right guitar, you understand what we are all about.  We pride ourselves in having the finest instruments around and treat each one with the realization that it is someone's dream guitar.


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